Author: Priyanka Naskar Majumder

Priyanka Naskar Majumder - the Owner, Eyedea LAB. Graphic & Web Design Studio, lives in Kolkata, India. Interested in: Usability research, Graphic Design, Web Design & Development.

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Solved a Dropbox install error in UBUNTU Jaunty easily

I just installed dropbox from in my UBUNTU Pc with the downloadable linux .deb file. But to my utter dismay after twice restarting the PC and nautilus too, I could not use dropbox. The link was sitting perfectly in Applications> Internet> Dropbox but right after clicking it the tray icon flashed in the system tray/notification area for a few seconds and then vanished.


A wire transfer is a transfer of money from one bank account to another. The actual transfer is done by the bank, and neither the sender nor the recipient of the money sees or touches the actual funds. What is […]