oleaut32.dll was not found

A required dll file C:WindowsSystemoleaut32.dll was not found


Sometimes when you start windows or any particular program you get this error – “A required dll file C:WindowsSystemoleaut32.dll was not found” or “oleaut32.dll file is corrupted, or damaged”.


Now this may be caused by some bad program file or while installing/uninstalling a software. Linked to missing export OLEAUT32.DLL, file not available or you have a old one installed on your operating system.


“Add Bookmark” dialog not working in Firefox

I have been suffering with an issue with Firefox for a couple of days. Sometimes I couldn’t add or move links/bookmarks anywhere except under the regular bookmarks folder and sometimes blank bookmarks were created!! I use Firefox 2 but it was working pretty well before.


CD/DVD drive is missing suddenly!

This is a common problem we sometimes face. All of a sudden we cant cant find our CD/ DVD drive icon any where when we view My Computer. The drive is nowhere to be found. First see if the “Drive” (hardware) is properly fixed to your computer (you will see the green light blinking), check all the cables,


Checkdisk runs everytime you reboot in Win XP. How can you disable this?


Windows XP runs this Autocheck always. If it detects that there is a bit problem on a partition (indicating an abnormal shutdown of the system OR that the file system has detected an inconsistency during normal operation and automatically scheduled chkdsk to run)


What is alexa?

Alexa is a simple handy toolbar that fits into Internet Explorer 5.0 or a higher version and acts as a friendly companion that remains on while you browse. Providing you all the “Inside Information” about the site, like contact details, traffic ranking, customer reviews, related sites and other sites that direct a link to the particular site you are surfing. The amazing toolbar along with all these provides you a quick and easy search without disturbing your browsing.

With the help of Alexa toolbar you can:

  1. Search the web without visiting a search engine web site.
  2. Get name & contact details of the web site owner.
  3. Know about more sites similar to the site you are visiting. This becomes very useful when you’re surfing the Internet to buy a particular product. Alexa might list the sites of other manufacturers/sellers of the same product, giving you a better choice.

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