India’s Broadband dream starts with Mobile Internet – Infographic

Going by the existing definition of 256 kbps downlink speed as ‘broadband’ (here in India), most of the mobileΒ  internet subscribers that use 3G services might all qualify to be broadband subscribers πŸ˜‰ !!!

That means right now we can say, that India’s “broadband” dream actually starts with this “mobile internet”.

Although NTP 2012 had a clause for the grand revision of definition of “broadband” from 256 kbps to β†’ 512 kbps to β†’ 2 Mbps by 2015, atleast for the coming 2 years mobile internet can still be termed “broadband”. And thus mobile internet will be used in large percentage to access websites for information, social networking and ecommerce websites.


Website vs Social Media – A Small Business Dilemma

Website vs Social media, a modern investment dilemma for all small business owners, i.e choosing the right option for business publicity with budget constraint. So you have a small business too? Great! Then obviously you want more customers. For more customers you need promotion. And that brings us to the next step of investing on a website and social media.

Now if you have a tight budget, and right now you can afford only one thing πŸ™ then you must be also deciding between investing in website or social media. So before you take your choice, and if you have some moments to loose, just go through the next few lines to identify what exactly your website and social media can do for you, and how to plan before taking the plunge.


Why you need a responsive website

We all know the famous quote by Stan Lee in Spiderman, ‘with great power comes great responsibility’.

Now for websites I would say, ‘great responsiveness can give great power to a website’    πŸ˜€

Why? let me tell you why…

It says by 2014, more people will be using mobile devices to access the internet than desktop computers. That means different screen sizes, smart-phones, tabs, etc. and their different types of browsers against your poor innocent website. Here you can’t say its not fair, because customer is God and if you are running a web-based business, you can’t upset your God and have to be always ready for them. So either you have to create different websites for different devices or a super-website that can transform itself according to the device and its browser. We call this superiority – Responsive.


Special Holiday Design Offer 2015

All of us at would like to wish you Happy Holidays in advance.
As the holiday season begins we’d like to take a moment to thank you all for your support the whole year specially our fans. We’re giving 20%OFF towards any purchase and FREEBIES to everyone who likes us on Facebook.


Mobilize your website but why, how and when?

As of google data collected in July 2012, which google states in their GO MO website as – “Did you know 75% of customers prefer a mobile-friendly site?* Does your business have one?”, you see that it’s time to mobilize your website content soon, if you haven’t done it already.

So as we are nearing the end of 2012, any established or new business should be aware, that if they want to target more number of visitors, they should and must have a mobile version of their website, i.e their website must also be easily accessible and viewable from the mobile, specifically the smart phones.


Do you really need ‘a website’ or a website that works

‘Running a small business? or thinking of one?… create a website’. Now this is the mantra of the Internet-Age. But does this really work, will it help you get the business you are thinking of, and the most important thing, do you really need ‘a website’‘ ? Or a WEBSITE that WORKS!

You may be thinking why I’m thinking this way being a web designer my self. No, we are not quiting from our web deign & development service in any near future, rather we want more & more people to go online with their business. Then why!!!?!


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