Goodbye IE6, join the countdown to history

Finally Microsoft has decided to mercy kill IE6, one of its old family members and the browser is counting it’s last days from 4 Mar 2011 at Many may feel sorry to say goodbye, but now all web developers designing websites (specifically corporate sites) can enjoy a “IE6 hack” free life :).

The site shows a percentage breakdown of who uses the ten-year-old browser in what parts of the world, along with other links like “Join the cause”, “Educate others”,  and Internet Explorer 9 download.


India Mobile Phone Infographics 2011

R R R I N G ♪ ♫ R R R I N G ♪ ♫
Hello! How are you? We are back with another infographics or information graphics for you guys. This time we will talk about (rather visualize about) our very own Mobile Phone and its domineering influence in India. We can’t think of spending one day without it, can we?


Interactive Data Visualization ~ Census India

Data Visualization is always one of the favorite things of mine… anyone can guess why! Yea Yea I’m a Speed Reader. Now lets come to the point, when the Provisional Census Data for 2011 was announced on, I was very exited to compare them with previous years and states, but with all those data and spreadsheet it made me exhausted in no time.

At that time I started thinking, if I can find something that can make me a graph out of all this so that I can understand and analyze them pretty easily.


Load scripts only on custom post type and specific taxonomy pages

Now here we will be discussing how to call these specific scripts only on the custom post type and taxonomy pages. So for our discussion we will take that we have created a custom post type called “books” with a taxonomy “author” and the all book-list page called “allbooks”. So lets learn how to load the css files and javascripts only on specified pages in wordpress 3(+) i.e custom post types and wordpress taxonomy pages.


300 Facebook Fans : Thank You

A big THANK YOU to all our Facebook Fans. We are really grateful for “Liking” our Facebook page. We’ve reached a milestone of 300 today (you can checkout the screenshot below) and hope to have more likes in future.

If you are one of our Fans please do comment on our facebook page, it will help us share more interesting contents with you.


Customize term_list output in wordpress custom post type

Sometimes we require some customization for the wordpress “custom post-type” get_the_term_list ‘s output, specifically to meet the theme’s look and usability.

For this discussion we will assume our taxonomy name is “tasks” and we will generate the phrase Projects task(s) before the term_list output.


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