Internet Humor and Satire on Internet Explorer 6

Priyanka Naskar Majumder

If you are a web designer or web developer you must have already seen these hate ie6 pics and blogs all over the the internet, but others may not have seen them yet, or better may not have understood the pain and punishment we have gone through each and every time we had to design a site that will work in all browsers specifically IE6. So this post is for those ‘Others’! Check out these funny images and blog links.

In this post I have collected some humorous ironical and funny images / comic strips / blog links related to Internet Explorer 6 from the Internet for those readers who may have missed the point, read our previous post “Goodbye IE6, join the countdown to historyand know why you shouldn’t use Internet Explorer 6 and why Microsoft has finally decided to Kill IE6.







The Life, Times (and Death?) of Internet Explorer 6:


IE6 denial message for



1. COMPLETE WEBSITE – was put together as an April Fool’s joke by the uptime monitoring service Pingdom. Due to the tremendous interest it received they decided to keep this site up and running. Visit –

2. BROWSER EFFECT – Enjoy Ie6 effect in your modern browse:

3. MOBILE APPS – Android app – ie6 humor : Download details at –

4. BLOG POSTS related to Webdesign and IE6

ie6-grannySome people gets hurt if we say bad about IE6, but you have to understand the situation and don’t misjudge the satirical tone of the web developers. Actually nobody denies the fact that IE6 helped us learn, how to walk the internet steps, but every thing needs to retire, and IE6 is that great old granny who needs to take a break now.

If you find some more interesting links, just share with us.

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