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How to change color in Gimp to specific value for an icon


There are very few processes to change color in Gimp to specific value of a single colored icon. If you don’t require an exact valued color then you can go by changing the values through the Colors > Colorize > […]


10 million Indian Professionals on LinkedIn – Infographic

More than ten million professionals now use the LinkedIn professional networking platform in India. Globally, LinkedIn (founded in 2003) has over 100 million professionals and continues to grow. LinkedIn started its India operations in 2009 with headquarters in Mumbai. It […]


India Mobile Phone Infographics 2011

R R R I N G ♪ ♫ R R R I N G ♪ ♫ Hello! How are you? We are back with another infographics or information graphics for you guys. This time we will talk about (rather visualize […]


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