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India’s Broadband dream starts with Mobile Internet – Infographic


Going by the existing definition of 256 kbps downlink speed as ‘broadband’ (here in India), most of the mobile  internet subscribers that use 3G services might all qualify to be broadband subscribers 😉 !!! That means right now we can […]


10 million Indian Professionals on LinkedIn – Infographic

More than ten million professionals now use the LinkedIn professional networking platform in India. Globally, LinkedIn (founded in 2003) has over 100 million professionals and continues to grow. LinkedIn started its India operations in 2009 with headquarters in Mumbai. It […]


Indian Independence Day Wallpaper

INDEPENDENCE DAY, Oh! It is so much than a holiday. It sounds so holy and open. We (Born Independent Indian) may not have that ultimate bitter taste of ‘dependency’ that our ancestors had, but we all know and can feel […]


How not to send your Resume – Ten suggestions


No employer knows you in person. You may be a talented graphics guy or excellent 3D artist, but when you are asking for employment and sending the resume to a design studio, its your Resume or CV that is your […]


Infographic on Literacy Rate & Girl Child Population of India

The Indian Census 2011 Provisional report revealed a shocking fact of decreasing number of Girl Child (914 per 1,000 boys) than previous Census 2001(927 per 1,000 boys). It is an alarming sign, mentioned by all the media and progressive thinkers. […]


SAKSHAT ~ The $35 Indian Tablet Computer

Sakshat (साक्षात्), the low cost full functioning computer tablet made by India is all ready to distribute to IIT Rajashthan this June. Yes you heard me right, after all the official procedures and canceled tender episode, Government  announced that they […]


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