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India’s Broadband dream starts with Mobile Internet – Infographic


Going by the existing definition of 256 kbps downlink speed as ‘broadband’ (here in India), most of the mobile  internet subscribers that use 3G services might all qualify to be broadband subscribers 😉 !!! That means right now we can […]


Internet Humor and Satire on Internet Explorer 6

If you are a web designer or web developer you must have already seen these hate ie6 pics and blogs all over the the internet, but others may not have seen them yet, or better may not have understood the […]


Goodbye IE6, join the countdown to history

Finally Microsoft has decided to mercy kill IE6, one of its old family members and the browser is counting it’s last days from 4 Mar 2011 at Many may feel sorry to say goodbye, but now all web developers […]


India Internet Information (Infographics)

Looking back at 2010, we can see how internet usage and online information management has evolved and it is growing by leaps and bounds every day. I am excited, that there will be more new things to see in 2011! […]


Get an icons only firefox bookmarks toolbar


Every now and then you create a bookmark link by dragging the website shortcut icon to the firefox bookmark toolbar. Everything is fine, but after a while you cannot find all the frequently visited websites in the toolbar because it […]


Solved a Dropbox install error in UBUNTU Jaunty easily

I just installed dropbox from in my UBUNTU Pc with the downloadable linux .deb file. But to my utter dismay after twice restarting the PC and nautilus too, I could not use dropbox. The link was sitting perfectly in Applications> Internet> Dropbox but right after clicking it the tray icon flashed in the system tray/notification area for a few seconds and then vanished.


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