As we all know, internet has become our necessity and so as widely available. It is same for our children too. But with the blessing of world wide open connectivity, it brings some curse also. As it opens information super highway on anything for everyone without knowing the age of the user, sometimes it also make our children a victim of any nuisance somewhere down the line. Sometimes few demoralized people take the advantage of their innocence and make internet a foul space.

We cannot stop children use of internet, but we can check or monitor their use, so that they can take the advantage of the technology without harming themselves.
So here is some tips and link to help you out with your problem:

First and foremost be frank with your children about their use of internet, so that you can talk to them about what they see or read on internet.

Child Internet Security

+Alert them, anyone they meet on internet is STRANGER, they maybe good or bad people. So they should not give their personal information on net. Like Name, Address, and Phone number or not even their photo.
If it be necessary to give any kind of information online, they must consult with you first.
Describe politely the danger of it, if they donnot inform you.
+ Tell them to avoid, log off or let you know if anyone uses nasty languages or anything like this.
+ Make a friendly relation with them, so that you can talk to them routinely about the uses of internet, people they meet online, exchange of information by mail or chat. Never let them feel embarrassed to talk to you about anything they go through or receive that made them feel uncomfortable. Try to make it comfortable for them to describe what ever it is. It will make them easy to confide and talk to you. Assure them again that you are always with them if they need any types of assistance.
+ Make it clear; never agree to meet anyone they talk on internet without your permission.
+ Best of all make some rule of internet use at home for your children and also make some for others so that they (children) donot feel pressurized. Make them believe that these guidelines are for their good and to make internet-use more enjoyable.
+ Spend some time with them on internet surfing and teach them how to use it securely.
So enjoy the internet and its wide range of information with your children safely. If you need some more information and software to guide with internet child security go through those links below:

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