Month of Happiness – August 2011 Calendar Wallpaper

Did you know, that the August month is celebrated as the Happiness Happens month and 8th august is celebrated as happiness happens day?! So to specially remind you to stay happy everyday, we are presenting you this handcrafted (mouse-crafted ;)) desktop calendar for august 2011. It was fun making this wallpaper and after you download it, we think you will be happy too.


Choose your wallpaper to download according to media, resolution or OS :

For Windows / Mac / Ubuntu Wallpaper :

| 1280×1024 | 1152×864 | 1280×800 | 1366X768

For iPhone Wallpaper :

For iPad Wallpaper :

Some years back this celebration was started by the “Secret Society of Happy People” founded in august 1998 and now with thousands of members from at least 34 countries. For more happy tips and to learn about this group visit

You can also join the move:

1. Send a text message this august that says: Celebrate Happiness Happens Month with me.
2. If you’re on Facebook/Twitter, make a post every day in August that says: #Happiness Happen when…(and list your happy moment of the day).
3. Make a Happy Treasure Chest: a box full of the things that bring smiles to your face when you’re in need of a Happy Booster.

Finally, download or share this wallpaper if you feel happy and like it :).

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