Official Websites of IPLt20 Teams

I was roaming around the IPL-T20 official website today. They have made a very well organised site; easy to navigate, clean crisp design and with a ‘real’ real time update. Use of fonts & breathing space made it more perfect. I don’t know should the credit go to Mr. Modi again or to the Web Development company who convinced the design to the authority, because in India we don’t believe in simple clean designs and never leave enough breathing space in between . If you have bought the space you should use it in full, no space for lush green! May be the time has changed.

Anyways, after roaming around the IPL site and with abandon time in hand, I move to my favorite (unfortunately) & local IPL team Kolkata Knight Riders official website. Found SRK is waiting with burning helmet in hand to welcome me, fine! I proceed clicking the ‘Intro’ tab & it lands me to SRKs den, to take my loyal oath about KKR and pushed me inside to the main page half burnt 😉 . Its a cool site inside with a perfect essence of the Team KKR and brand SRK, Gold and black all over the site made it glamorous as SRK, other stuffs I liked there are HOO-GLEE, Fans Pick, Blog & Fan Zone.

After KKR Site I go on checking other IPL team’s official website to find who did what and found the website of Mumbai Indians the most simple & convenient for Indian viewer. Its clean & simple content creation fascinated me the most. So I made my very own rank list for all the official IPL20 sites and here they are…



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