How to install and use the Recovery Console in Windows XP ?

You can install the Recovery Console on your computer to make it available if you cannot restart Windows. You can then select the Recovery Console option from the list of available operating systems during startup. This article describes how to install and use the Recovery Console to your Microsoft Windows XP-based computer.

Install the Recovery Console on important servers and on the workstations of IT personnel. To install the Recovery Console, you must be logged on as an administrator. For more details read below.


To recover your operating system when your computer does not start correctly or does not start at all, you may want to install and use the Windows Recovery Console. However, Microsoft recommends this method of system recovery for advanced users only. Also, learn about the Recovery Console command prompt, command actions, rules, how to remove the Recovery Console, and how to install it during an unattended installation.


Top Sites in West Bengal

We are proud to announce that the Official Website of Eyedea Lab i.e has reached the position 9 in “Top 10 sites of West Bengal” (India) at in Jan 2009  in terms of popularity.

You can view the details at

Thank you all of you to make this happen, we do hope to serve you even better in 2009.

We will be eagerly waiting for your comments. We are attaching a screenshot of that page section to have a glimpse. in topsites of westbengal

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A POWERPOINT Presentation That earned $49 million

In corporate world presentation is a key tool for marketing. But now-a-days presentation is not only a business people’s tool but also used by Educators, Students, Researchers and Trainers. It could be a hard copy made manually or a soft copy made by some presentation software.

A software based presentation is content creation of Data, Graphics, Audio or Movie to describe an Idea or concept to the audience easily & wisely. Some of the known Presentation Software to all is Apple Keynote, Impress or Microsoft PowerPoint. PowerPoint is most popular in them and became world’s most widely used presentation program.

PowerPoint Windows version was released in 1990, now known as Microsoft Office PowerPoint that comes with Microsoft office suite. It is a simple presentation slide show maker. Since then more dynamic software has come but still PowerPoint never loose its popularity, ‘cause of its easy to use interface.


In 2007 the movie version of a PowerPoint Presentation wins Academy Awards for outstanding film achievements of 2006 in Best documentary feature category & earned $49 million at the box office worldwide. It is ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ a documentary film about global warming, presented by former United States Vice President Al Gore and directed by Davis Guggenheim. An Inconvenient Truth is the fourth-highest-grossing documentary film to date in the United States.

So dig in and make your Presentation more POWERFUL with POWERPOINT. To know more write to us at and if you need any assistance with your Presentation, please contact us.


How do you know whether the software you’re downloading is truly free?

Here’s a quick guide to the terminology of free and almost-free software.

1. Adware – Advertising-supported software or Web services. Often (but not always), a paid alternative lets you remove the ads.

2. Freeware Programs that you can download, install, and run without charge or limitation of any kind. Freeware may be from a company or an individual, who may or may not provide support.

3. Malware or badware Malicious software–often installed surreptitiously alongside seemingly legitimate free programs–that can slow down your computer, insert extra ads into Web pages, and spy on your online activities.



As we all know, internet has become our necessity and so as widely available. It is same for our children too. But with the blessing of world wide open connectivity, it brings some curse also. As it opens information super highway on anything for everyone without knowing the age of the user, sometimes it also make our children a victim of any nuisance somewhere down the line. Sometimes few demoralized people take the advantage of their innocence and make internet a foul space.