TWAIN issues with CanoScan Lide scanners

Most TWAIN issues with LIDE/CANOSCAN scanners can be solved by performing a clean installation.

  1. Unplug the USB cable from the scanner and run the DELDRV.exe (uninstall utility) program from the CD, or download it from the Canon website.
  2. Cut the power or turn off your DSL/CABLE internet modem.
  3. Unhide your system folders by RIGHT click on the START button, then LEFT click EXPLORE. Click on TOOLS on top of window and select FOLDER OPTIONS. Click on the VIEW tap, then click on SHOW HIDDEN FILES AND FOLDERS. Hit OK and close out of everything.

A Quick Way to Batch convert file extensions

Just as I mentioned in the title, I will quickly come to a beautiful shortcut that I often use to convert large number of files in a folder on one double click to another type in seconds! Many of you may be already using this process for batch conversion of file extensions…. as it is that age-old “ren/rename” command that we used in Ms-Dos platform.

But its still useful in windows!


See How Easily You Can show or hide file extensions in windows

show or hide file extensionsCant see the file extension of your document?

Wandering if it is htm or html?

So you need to show your file extention –

Just go to My computer -> tools -> folder -> options -> views and de-select hide extensions for known file types“.

(To view sample, click thumbnail on left)


SAVE TREES – build a paperless world

We understand that for many this transition away from paper may be painful, but it is a necessary step toward a better and more productive life. Paper is a habit, best broken and many of the reasons for this should be obvious.

What paper can/not do

  • Paper Documents can only be in one place at a time.
  • Paper must be read.
  • You cannot do an accurate keyword search on paper.

The list goes on and on and goes to the very health of the planet.

When we look around our room we find many traces of paper, some books, a few magazines, some printer paper, and perhaps a poster on the wall.

Although we cannot drastically stop this paper usage as modern life is completely surrounded with all types of paper products from packaging boxes to tissue papers, what we can do is, stop paper wastage, use recycled paper, use less paper in our office and institutions.

Each person in the United States uses 749 pounds of paper every year. In fact world consumption of paper has grown four hundred percent in the last 40 years. Now nearly 4 billion trees or 35% of the total trees cut around the world are used in paper industries on every continent.


Let us know : RSS or Really Simple Syndication

Web feeds provide web content or summaries of web content together with links to the full versions of the content, and other metadata. RSS, in particular, delivers this information as an XML file called an RSS feed, webfeed, RSS stream, or RSS channel. A program known as a feed reader or aggregator can check a list of feeds on behalf of a user and display any updated articles that it finds. It is common to find web feeds on major websites and many smaller ones.

RSS-aware programs are available for various operating systems. Client-side readers and aggregators are typically constructed as standalone programs or extensions to existing programs such as web browsers. Browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 7 have integrated support for RSS feeds.

On Web pages, web feeds (RSS or Atom) are typically linked with the word “Subscribe”, an orange

rectangle , or with the letters or . Many news aggregators such as My Yahoo!

publish subscription buttons for use on Web pages to simplify the process of adding