Do you really need ‘a website’ or a website that works

‘Running a small business? or thinking of one?… create a website’. Now this is the mantra of the Internet-Age. But does this really work, will it help you get the business you are thinking of, and the most important thing, do you really need ‘a website’‘ ? Or a WEBSITE that WORKS!

You may be thinking why I’m thinking this way being a web designer my self. No, we are not quiting from our web deign & development service in any near future, rather we want more & more people to go online with their business. Then why!!!?!


Redirect category postname to only postname in WordPress

Previously it was not recommended to use only the /%postname%/ for the WordPress permalink structure because it was too resource intensive. But after the update to WordPress 3.3, I see that WordPress has added this as the default option and obviously many serious wp people recommends this structure as seo friendly!

As we were using this permalink structure /%category%/%postname%/ on our site, it became sometimes difficult to change the post from one category to another after publishing, because the published url got the category fixed with the url. Also in the case of posts with multiple categories the category name was always chosen in alphabetical order in the url, not as the author’s personal preference. I thought lets change our blog posts to this new structure, then it would be easy to maintain/change the categories.


EyedeaLab’s 7th Birthday

Eyedea Lab completed 7 years this week.

It was a colorful journey till date (with lots of ups and downs). Still after seven years, each new job, each new project gives us the same excitement as we felt for our first one. We do our jobs with the same sincerity, honesty, energy and enthusiasm as we did 7 years back. So below these seven colors depict our seven years, just like the rainbow.


How to add official twitter button to wordpress single posts

Today you will learn how to add the asynchronous “official twitter tweet button” to wordpress single post templates. If you do not want to add yet another plugin and want to avoid increasing your wordpress site’s overall pageload, this tutorial is for you. But if you don’t want to mess with the codes, a big NO for you, please don’t read this tutorial. Searching the wordpress plugin database will bring up lots of plugins that supports the official twitter button from which you can choose any according to your convenience.