Search similar images, almost!

Have you ever tried Similar Image Search? No! I’m not talking about google-similar-image-search. I’m actually talking about something that can help me search similar images (visually) from a reference image. Like I was in real dilemma when I completed our logo and searched several days on google if there anything similar to it, as I wanted our logo to be unique.


Firefox Addons for regular use

Here is a list of useful Firefox Addons that can be a starting point for any general installation. Add-ons make browsing easier.

Add on more function and features to Firefox with these useful addons

Adblock Plus – Disable Ads to increase your browsing performance
ReminderFox – Remember all of your important dates and events right in your browser.
DownThemAll – Download Manager


PowerPoint to PDF

2 days back one of the employee of our very old client called me and asked “Rana, I need a help with Microsoft PowerPoint presentation which I’m going to present with in an hour. This is a post-bid presentation & I’ve to hand over a copy of my presentation to the client, for that I need a PDF of the presentation. Please tell me how can I do it, because MPP has no direct option of saving or exporting to PDF.”