Get an icons only firefox bookmarks toolbar

Every now and then you create a bookmark link by dragging the website shortcut icon to the firefox bookmark toolbar.

Everything is fine, but after a while you cannot find all the frequently visited websites in the toolbar because it gets hidden after you have added lots of bookmarks to the bookmarks panel and you have to click the “>>” link to find and go to that site.


Content-Aware Fill vs Resynthesizer

Already popular Adobe CS5 “Content-Aware Fill” feature video on Youtube with above 2,280,000 views has got a competitor now! It is the “Resynthesizer” plug-in of GIMP for texture synthesis. Every one here knows about ADOBE Photoshop for sure, but if you don’t know, GIMP is the GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is a freely distributed piece of software for image retouching, composting and authoring software and runs on almost all the major OS Windows, Mac, and Unix (in UBUNTU it is pre-installed).

You can download from their website here and the “Resynthesizer” plug-in can be found here.

Now let’s watch the videos –


WP-Polls loading error solved

Recently we wanted to add a poll facility to one of our web posts Official Websites of IPLt20 Teams where we wanted our readers to share their opinion with polls. Some time back I had used Wp-polls plugin for another site and it is surely a wonderful plugin. So obviously I installed it. But to my surprise this did not work as expected. The poll was loading forever and ever.