“Add Bookmark” dialog not working in Firefox

I have been suffering with an issue with Firefox for a couple of days. Sometimes I couldn’t add or move links/bookmarks anywhere except under the regular bookmarks folder and sometimes blank bookmarks were created!! I use Firefox 2 but it was working pretty well before.
So I uninstalled and reinstalled many times, many versions but nothing seems to work. Then I found a simple trick right from MozillaZine Knowledge Base!

The article was titled “Corrupt localstore.rdf

This article deals with Firefox issues caused by a corrupt localstore.rdf file, which may include:

  • Changes to the toolbar reset themselves after you close Firefox and start it up again
  • Window size or position not remembered at startup
  • Bookmarks appear in the Bookmarks Manager but not in the main menu and can’t be edited
  • “Add Bookmark” dialog not working
  • Firefox 1.5: Search engines missing from the Search Bar and unable to add new engines

These problems can be fixed by using either of the following methods (any toolbar customizations will be gone when you restart Firefox):

Safe Mode method: Exit Firefox completely and then restart Firefox in Safe Mode. A window called Firefox Safe Mode with some troubleshooting options will appear. Select the option “Reset toolbars and controls” and choose “Make Changes and Restart”.

Alternate method: Exit Firefox completely, open the Firefox profile folder and delete the file “localstore.rdf”. Caution: Do not delete the localstore.rdf file in the Firefox program installation folder by mistake.

Hope this solves your problem like in my situation.

Last modified on February 12th, 2011 at 5:53 pm.
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