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Data Visualization is always one of the favorite things of mine… anyone can guess why! Yea Yea I’m a Speed Reader. Now lets come to the point, when the Provisional Census Data for 2011 was announced on, I was very exited to compare them with previous years and states, but with all those data and spreadsheet it made me exhausted in no time.

At that time I started thinking, if I can find something that can make me a graph out of all this so that I can understand and analyze them pretty easily. So I started searching for a tool like this and found many of them. But data explorer of Google Lab is the most easiest one and of course free too. So here they are what I got out of India’s Census Reports in 5 different Graph Charts.

1. Growth Rate of India’s state wise population from 1951 (Map).

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In this Data Map you will find how Population of Indian States has grown from 1951 to 2011. You can mouse over on any bubbles to know the state and it’s population on yearly basis. Please note the Census happens in an interval of every 10 year.

Some more charts:

Indias PopulationStatewise PopulationMale-Female Population

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