EyedeaLab’s 7th Birthday

Eyedea Lab completed 7 years this week.

It was a colorful journey till date (with lots of ups and downs). Still after seven years, each new job, each new project gives us the same excitement as we felt for our first one. We do our jobs with the same sincerity, honesty, energy and enthusiasm as we did 7 years back. So below these seven colors depict our seven years, just like the rainbow.


Over the last seven years we have learned a lot. But since learning is not earning ;), we are still small, struggling to fit and survive in this world, without proper capital and infrastructure. But still we are alive and kicking! And we are hoping to live through many such gray episodes to come out a winner.

Sometime it becomes a bit hard, when after so many years, we still don’t have a smart office with adequate space that we can be proud of, or properly utilize. Many a times it also becomes more harder when we can’t afford to enhance our technical infrastructure on time to race the ever changing industry. But “YES” we do have the satisfaction that we get praises from most of our clients for our work and also get great feedbacks from our website visitors. It’s nice to have you all, thanks for your belief on us and our work. We are here just because of your good wishes!!

Last modified on May 7th, 2012 at 7:45 pm.
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Eyedea Lab is a Web and Graphic Design Studio at Kolkata, India. We offer multimedia design solutions at affordable price for corporate, small business and professionals. Please check our about us section for more details.

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