Forget-me-not Month – September 2011 Calendar Wallpaper

Forget-me-not, Oh Lord! This little flower cried out when God was naming all our flowers. God replied, “That shall be your name.” Naming and remembering all things small or big is the gift that we humans truly enjoy, this is what, that makes us different from all the other animals here on earth. To remember things, to remember flowers, to remember places, to remember people, we create names, we create symbols.

In earlier days these flowers were used as a symbol for remembrance for war dead and also of true love. There are many stories, some real, some folklore, some that has become a legend behind this simple name “Forget-me-not” the birth-flower of September. Just as the story of the knight who threw the bunch of these beautiful sapphire flowers to his lady, and how he had said “forget-me-not” just when he was drowning. Or the historical reference that Henry IV used this flower as his good-luck charm/symbol. The name forget-me-not symbolizes a strong human emotion that connects us one-to-one.


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We have dedicated this month’s wallpaper as the forget-me-not month. Not just only our loved ones, let us remember all our tiny friends, like these modest little flowers this month, as they cry out from our memory lane “forget-me-not“.

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