Google PageRank gone from everywhere

Have you ever noticed a green bar while searching the web, may be in your browser toolbar or search results in specific websites, or some directory listings or somewhere in the website’s page footer with a number on it between 0-10, YES that was the famous and infamous “PageRank”.

Google PageRank

The most popular websites displayed a PageRank of 10 and the least showed a PageRank of 0.

According to wikipedia “PageRank is an algorithm used by Google Search to rank websites in their search engine results.”

Many people didn’t actually knew that PageRank was named after Larry Page, one of the founders of Google and had completely associated the word ‘Page’ with the real page of a website!!

For those of you who haven’t before heard of PageRank read the wikipedia.

What’s the story

Although Google PageRank is being updated regularly internally for the Googlers themselves, it was not refreshed in the toolbars for a long time. Google thought that the publishers were obsessed with the PR so they didn’t update the scores as frequently as before and finally decided to disable it from public viewing from April 15, 2016. As per leading SEO experts, may be this will now end link spamming in blog comments and selling of high PR links in the name of SEO. That means actual meaning of SEO will evolve over time in different directions and not just bracket itself to only PageRank discussions and rank targets.

Conclusion – Google PageRank gone

Now you will see that the PageRank score of all sites has become 0 (zero) as Google disabled the API for all PageRank Checkers. That means Google PageRank gone officially from everywhere, and obviously from their Toolbar too.

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