How not to send your Resume – Ten suggestions

No employer knows you in person. You may be a talented graphics guy or excellent 3D artist, but when you are asking for employment and sending the resume to a design studio, its your Resume or CV that is your representative. So please dress up your CV as you want yourselves to be taken as by your would be employer. Before posting another resume to ABC or XYZ company, just check out this points below:

  1. ORIGINALITY – Don’t just copy paste any other CV, try to create your own resume, based on the job/industry you are applying for.
  2. NO-REPETITION – Do not repeat in your cover letter, what has already been mentioned in your attached resume.
  3. FILE FORMAT – Do not send CV in unknown or less popular file format. Create and edit your CV in any software you are comfortable with, but always send it in PDF format (instead of using Microsoft word you can use Open Office/Libre Office, where it’s easy to generate PDFs) as PDF is best to print/looks perfect/un-editable and also easy to read. If you cannot create PDF  please just send it just as .Doc attachment, but no docx (as it is not available in older Microsoft word version), odt (openoffice file format that does not open in Microsoft word) etc.
  4. INDIVIDUAL EMAIL – Don’t write the email and press send to all. If you are applying to multiple companies, please email the CV with care. While emailing just choose a single contact id and email the resume individually to everyone i.e one at a time but not like this image below.various-company-ids
  5. PROPER EMAIL ID – Don’t send your CV from a funny/meaningless email id. If you don’t have a proper email id please create one only for applying to jobs.  If your name is dipika or dipak chowdhury, its better to have an email id like than to have!


  6. NO. OF PAGES – Don’t send a loooooooong CV, try to stick to only 2 pages if you cannot complete it in one page.
  7. SPELLING CHECK – Try not to do any spelling mistake. For Indians specifically, it’s natural that we will not be that good in English spelling or grammar, but still… please take someone’s help and correct your spellings and also your writing style before you send the CV to someone. If you can’t find someone to help, at-least use the writing software’s inbuilt spellchecker.resume-spelling
  8. SIMPLE LANGUAGE – But, don’t try to go overboard by using bombastic English words, stay simple and to the point. Be short and precise in both your cover letter and also the attached resume.
  9. BLANK SUBJECTS – Don’t attach CV to email with blank subjects. Give a proper subject line while sending the resume and also write a line or two in the email as your cover letter. Because if a company gets 20-500 job mails daily and your blank email goes straight to the employer’s spam folder it’s no use of sending the CV at all, because they will not bother to open their spam folder and dig out your
  10. NO FRIEND REQUEST – Don’t Don’t Don’t! No Company or your would be employer want’s to join you on Zorpia, Jaxtr,, Friend Share, Friendster, Gupshup, Facebook, Orkut, Myspace etc. as your friend. Don’t feed your social networking sites with your professional contact email ids (the ids that you have collected to send resume, etc.), because this shows how irresponsible and ignorant you are about personal privacy and internet etiquette. If you want to stay in touch with the company or firm, join their Facebook Page, follow their Twitter updates, subscribe their RSS or follow them on LinkedIn etc.invite-email-friends

SPECIAL NOTE – This is an additional note for the web developers/ designers/ multimedia student applicants please always provide work links or attach 2-3 images of your work in your email and try not to make your total attachment size more than 1 MB.

The above suggestions are not for “how to write your CV” but its how you should not present yourself with your CV. From my experience, first impressions do matter! These above points are sometimes the reason when and where someone else beats you and gets your dream job! Follow these tips you will thank me one day 😉 .

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