How to change color in Gimp to specific value for an icon

There are very few processes to change color in Gimp to specific value of a single colored icon. If you don’t require an exact valued color then you can go by changing the values through the Colors > Colorize > hue/saturation menu. Sometimes you can also use the Colors > Colorify tool for that. But for changing color to a specific value you have to go for layer mask process, which gives much control for blending your icon and better color manipulation, although it’s a long process which may not be needed for quick needs.

For faster results I like the following process most. It gives me the ability to change the icon color in Gimp to specific value as per my project requirement, in short steps.

Process to change icon color in Gimp

Recently I had a small “black” film icon which I needed to be changed as per the project’s secondary color i.e skyblue with an hex value of #b6e7f8 .

  1. Open gimp.
  2. Open your icon file.
  3. Go to Colors > Map > Color Exchange.


3a. Click “From color“.

3b. Choose your current color from the icon with the eyedropper tool.

3c. Click “To color“.

3d. You can put the hex value of your chosen color in the color applet, and you can choose your color with the eyedropper tool too, like from the foreground color as I did here or any other image.

3e. Click OK.

3f. Your icon has changed it’s color to the specific value.



Above you can see my icon has turned from black to skyblue. 🙂 So now you learned another process to change color in Gimp to specific value for an icon.

Last modified on March 27th, 2015 at 2:48 pm.
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