India’s Broadband dream starts with Mobile Internet – Infographic

Going by the existing definition of 256 kbps downlink speed as ‘broadband’ (here in India), most of the mobile  internet subscribers that use 3G services might all qualify to be broadband subscribers 😉 !!!

That means right now we can say, that India’s “broadband” dream actually starts with this “mobile internet”.

Although NTP 2012 had a clause for the grand revision of definition of “broadband” from 256 kbps to → 512 kbps to → 2 Mbps by 2015, atleast for the coming 2 years mobile internet can still be termed “broadband”. And thus mobile internet will be used in large percentage to access websites for information, social networking and ecommerce websites.

Broadband Internet usage patterns in India:

Below is an infographic created by us, on broadband internet usage patterns in India with data based on the percentage of wireless internet and wired internet. As per TRAI indicators, already 143 million users are using wireless broadband service (i.e mostly mobile). Whereas 15 million are on wired/wireline/wirelink broadband subscription (through desktops/laptops etc.).


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Need of the day

So with the above infographic data you see that, now is really the time for Indian web-developers and online business owners to cater to these huge number of subscribers who are accessing the internet with their mobile but not getting proper user experience because they are browsing content heavy websites meant for only desktops or laptops.

Till we get a little lucky with atleast ‘real‘ 2Mbps connection everywhere in India, we hope our businesses will create more mobile friendly and faster websites for the general Indian website visitors. And for that we can concentrate on creating either responsive websites or additional mobile only versions which will give the Indian web visitors a better user experience.

Let’s Keep hoping

Lets keep our fingers crossed maybe someday we too can enjoy 100 Mbps broadband connection in our homes like most European countries now do 🙂 .

Note: If you have any query/information about the above inforgraphic data, please contact us.

Last modified on July 24th, 2017 at 1:48 am.
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  • Thanks for this analysis on internet as I am making a report and your information will complete it.

  • Day by day the internet uses are growing rapidly. More and more people are interested to use internet it may be in there mobile or desktop. After spectrum auction the internet charges are going decrease and it boosts consumers to use internet. Mobile plays a vital role as users of smart phones are using mobile internet the most. E-commerce websites plays a vital role in this internet era which also boosts the internet users. By the way thanks a lot for such a nice and informative information. I appreciate a lot for your blogging effort.

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