India Internet Information (Infographics)

Looking back at 2010, we can see how internet usage and online information management has evolved and it is growing by leaps and bounds every day. I am excited, that there will be more new things to see in 2011! But specifically speaking about India, it has covered a steep rise in internet usage curve within a couple of years of its introduction in India.

Can you imagine from 25000 users in 1998, to 100 million internet users in 2010, how it has grown! Based on several information we have created this infographics below titled “India Internet Info” as we look back at 2010. Click on image to view large version.


Last modified on July 24th, 2017 at 1:43 am.
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  • Great.. Its marvelous youth can change any calculations..

  • I do’t know what to tell coz of it is so nice

  • Wonderful statistics. This is proof enough to say that India is rising and rising fast.

  • Utkarshraj Atmaram |

    Pretty interesting! The share of Firefox and Chrome is (pleasantly) surprising!

    You might want to fix the small typo, though (“Indian go online for…” should be “Indians go online for…”).

    • Thanks for the comment. As the post was published in January, we don’t want to create two versions of the image right now after so many days because the info-graphics is already circulated. But still, thanks again for noting.

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