Indian Independence Day Wallpaper

INDEPENDENCE DAY, Oh! It is so much than a holiday. It sounds so holy and open. We (Born Independent Indian) may not have that ultimate bitter taste of ‘dependency’ that our ancestors had, but we all know and can feel the divinity of the word ‘FREEDOM’. We love/want to be independent in our own way and utter this word eventually to proclaim our independence. It is all about ‘me’, but 15 August, it is all about ‘US’, which makes it so holy! So pure!

Why holy? Why pure? What else word one can use when more than one billion hearts & souls can feel the FREEDOM in a single way.

I can understand, it is too much for you to handle my philosophy 😉 But it is really an awesome feeling when the month of August comes. The feeling is so strong that we even get a sense of illusion in our everyday things as the tri-color flag and feel happy inside. Every thing and every where we can find the emphasis of our tricolor!

Don’t you feel that way too? Think again… Don’t you notice (unintentionally) these three colors in balloons, ice-creams, flowers, vegetables etc. more often this time. Many ordinary items become visible in the shape and colour of our tri-color flag!
They were there all the time, but our mind’s eyes show these more now because we actually want to see this now. If it is not the feeling of patriotism, then what is? (Play the Flickr slideshow on left or click here to see full-screen slideshow)

With this same feeling we are offering yet another set of wallpaper on this special occasion for our fellow brothers/sisters. Put it on your computer wall or iphone and find if what I said was right! HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY to all our Indian Friends! Let us enjoy the day!


For Windows / Mac / Ubuntu Wallpaper :

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For iPhone Wallpaper :

For iPad Wallpaper :

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