Infographic on Literacy Rate & Girl Child Population of India

The Indian Census 2011 Provisional report revealed a shocking fact of decreasing number of Girl Child (914 per 1,000 boys) than previous Census 2001(927 per 1,000 boys). It is an alarming sign, mentioned by all the media and progressive thinkers. Some blames the social structure for that, some the education. No I’m not starting a debate on it but somehow we have to look after the matter or at least think on it. So I started digging on it in my own way with the help of an online friend Reuben, who has very keen interest on census and try to keep himself indulged in social matters like this.

Our motto was to find the most effective areas with Lower Literacy rate and Girl Child decreasing, although Literacy Rate grew 74.04% on 2011 to 64.8% 2001 in India.

Inspired by Gregory Hubacek’s design I made 2 different maps, one for Literacy Rate and the other for Girl Child Ratio. Then colored the states of the maps with 2 different translucent color code according to their numbers of Census Literacy Rate or Girl Child Ratio. Then again we overlapped them to get the view of what state has the highest Girl Child Population + Higher Literacy rate.

Child Population and Literacy Rate in India [Info-graphics] :

Census 2011

The Original Census Data :

Census Data
It came out interesting! so we thought why don’t we share it with you. And if you people like it we will come up with the district level analysis. Please feel free to mail us if you have some better ideas. If you missed our interactive Census data visualization, Click Here.

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  • thanks for this great information share.thanks a lot i have a request to u that u also share more about population if u can ………….

  • Hi Rana – great job! You may also be interested in my interactive map based on the India 2011 Census provisional data. It includes both state- and district- level information on Literacy Rates, Population Density, Decadal Population Growth, Sex Ratio (general population) and Sex Ratio (0-6 age group). Please take a look and give your feedback.

    I’m also working on a Facebook app so more on that soon…

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