oleaut32.dll was not found

A required dll file C:WindowsSystemoleaut32.dll was not found


Sometimes when you start windows or any particular program you get this error – “A required dll file C:WindowsSystemoleaut32.dll was not found” or “oleaut32.dll file is corrupted, or damaged”.


Now this may be caused by some bad program file or while installing/uninstalling a software. Linked to missing export OLEAUT32.DLL, file not available or you have a old one installed on your operating system. If you got this error message from your operating system you probably have a very old version of the OLEAUT32.DLL installed or it does not exists at all.


Your next step would be update or install this file to your system, and there are couple of ways to it.

>> The 1st solution should be:

Installing the OLEAUT32.DLL file via VB runtime setup:
You can download the VB runtime files from these links below and it will install this OLEAUT32.DLL file to your operating system. VB runtime setup include this file and couple of others.This is the easiest and most used method to fix the problem. The file is installed automatically to the operating system.

>> The 2nd solution should be:

Installing the OLEAUT32.DLL file manually:
You can of course install this file manually to your operating system but it is more difficult than installing it from a setup program. Lets discuss how.

Download the file here: http://www.dll-files.com/dllindex/dll-files.shtml?oleaut32or from our site: oleaut32.dll and unzip in c:unzipped or somewhere else in your computer.

1.You need to put this file into the windows system directory, but if you tried to copy it directly in the windowssystem it may say that that file was in use. So, reboot windows into MSDOS mode.

2.Copy the new oleaut32.dll file into c:windowssystem

(If you don’t know how to copy in MSDOS here’s the example below)

copy c:unzippedoleaut32oleaut32.dll c:windowssystem then they’ll ask you yes or no, if you want to copy over the older one. Say Yes! More info on the copy command if you’re still confused.

Copy [drivename]:yourlocationoleaut32.dll c:windowssystem

4. When it asks if you want to copy over the older one

say Yes or type y

5. Reboot into windows and you are done.

>> You can also copy the file in a floppy, then insert it into your floppy drive, now in DOS mode type:

Copy a:oleaut32.dll c:windowssystemoleaut32.dll

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