Playing embedded midi file in firefox – Part 2: Windows

Continued from: Playing embedded midi file in firefox – Part 1

Instructions For Windows Users:icon-windows

Quicktime is useful for playing embedded midi file types from within the browser in windows.

Clicking the “Install missing plugins” button in firefox brings up Apple QuickTime, which you mostly have installed in windows. But it still does not work.

Actually the music file being loaded from the web site is formatted as a “.mid” MIDI file. The MIDI player that should work in Firefox is QuickTime, and QuickTime is mostly being correctly identified. However, by default, QuickTime is not configured to play MIDI files.

So, we have to configure QuickTime to play MIDI (.mid) music files ourselves.

Before we start configuring QuickTime, you need to make sure you have QuickTime installed correctly.

If you do not have QuickTime installed, you need to install it (even if you already have it, you can download and install over the latest version).

You can go directly to Apple’s site, where you will find the option to download the combination package of QuickTime and iTunes.

Or you can download only the QuickTime program ( ).

  1. Download and Install
  2. Start the QuickTime Player
  3. And we see the Untitled (no music or video file loaded) player appear
  4. From the menu, pick Edit / Preferences / QuickTime Preferences…QTbrowser
  5. Select the Browser tab and click on Mime Settings
  6. Click on the “+” box to expand the “Audio – Audio only file formats” listing
  7. Check the box beside MIDI and then click OK and close QuickTime.


Now, Firefox will play the file .mid automatically.

Some Alternative midi player:

Download QuickTime Alternative
Download QT Lite
Also see Playing embedded midi file in firefox – Part 3: Ubuntu (Linux)

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  • Real congratulations for your answer about mid reproductions em back on firefox.
    Thank you

  • OlderThanDust |

    Try Jazz-Plugin, avoide the crap with QT, Real, and MP…

    I don’t fully trust QT Alternative anymore either…….

    And I am done with google also, duckduckgo-DOT-com-SLASH-lite is a great non-tracking and clean uncluttered search engine.

    I got away from QT and real many many years ago, being involved computer recoveries, and security, those along other stuff like facebook, google, AOL, and much more, do too much snooping into your system. NOT WORTH THE RISK…. EVEN IF YOU THINK YOU HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE!

    Investigate TOR, learn a bit about how you nothing to hide is something you wish did hide…………………..

    The TOR plugin, or the TOR browser is what the feds use to snoop on you without being detected….

    I hope this helps someone to get and stay as safe possible online……

  • what , if I did everything exactly as you say, but midi still wont play ?

  • Any way without @pple shittime?

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