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2 days back one of the employee of our very old client called me and asked “Rana, I need a help with Microsoft PowerPoint presentation which I’m going to present with in an hour. This is a post-bid presentation & I’ve to hand over a copy of my presentation to the client, for that I need a PDF of the presentation. Please tell me how can I do it, because MPP has no direct option of saving or exporting to PDF.”

I did help him by sending a mail with options of how can he save the PPT to PDF and he replied me with a big 😀

I thought why don’t I share it in my blog so that some other can get the help… So here it is.

Microsoft PowerPoint to PDF / PPT to PDF: I’ve 2 different options to do that …. One with ‘PDFCreator’ & another with ‘OpenOffice-Impress’


PDFCreatorIts a Free to use software for Windows. Install it & use it as a printer from any other software to save as PDF. It creates PDF files from nearly any Windows applications.

To know more and download visit the site http://www.pdfforge.org/pdfcreator


impressIt is also a free to use office software from OpenOffice.org bundle. It has the direct option of ‘Export to PDF’. So either you can make your whole presentation in Impress or run your already made Microsoft ppt in it to export as PDF. By the way Impress has almost same interface as PowerPoint.

Download it from http://download.openoffice.org/index.html

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