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Client/Company: LeaseMunky

Industry Type(s): Online Rental Search

Project Task(s): Illustration, Logo Design, Research

Website Url:

Project Category:

LeaseMunky ~ Logo Project

LeaseMunky is a rental service to both renters and landlords. Operating as a residential leasing company in Los Angeles. They were a startup company and looking for something that appeals most to renters, from young to middle-aged professional crowd, but not too cute to alienate an elderly owner. Something abstract but must obviously a Monkey based logo.

From very first we jotted down that, we will give it a Monkey-within-a-logo look and not a Monkey-Logo look. As leasing is a trust gathering business and a small looseness in the logo will make it a disaster. But in other hand ‘Monkey’ gives very familiar, lucky and happy feeling. So we avoided to put ‘monkey with a house’ look and came out with an idea that depicts a House as a Monkey. Happy, Trustworthy and Fun. Hope you liked it.

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