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Client/Company: Ooga Labs

Industry Type(s): Software

Project Task(s): Illustration, Logo Design, Research

Website Url:

Project Category:

Ooga Labs ~ Logo Project

A group of software engineers and designers based in SF Bay Area was looking for a Logo, which depicts their company as a cool, exciting, sophisticated place to work for engineers and designers they recruit as full time employee. They also wanted the logo to look trustworthy yet exciting to the technology investors and press.

It was a challenging job for us as they wanted the feel and look some way similar to their existing logo. We dug deep and came out with the perfect idea. First of all, we shredded some weight from the existing logo and gave it a united pattern lessening the scattering. Secondly we changed shapes of all the elements in the logo to make them smarter and non-monotonous in look. We made it full of color as earlier but in a disciplined way.

We are happy they liked it and using it.

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