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Client/Company: Simpark Infrastructure

Industry Type(s): Construction, Parking

Project Task(s): CMS, Development, Image Editing, Webpage Design

Website Url:

Project Category:

Simpark Infrastructure ~ Web Design

Simpark Infrastructure is a car parking solution (hardware and software) company. They are specialized in Semi/Automatic car parking technologies, systems and designs for alleviation of problems associated with vehicular parking.

They wanted a website which is more than a Profile for the company. They wanted something that can feed the visitor with their latest technologies and systems. They also wanted it as a company presentation for investors, press and new clients, where they can easily find the millstones, reports and updates in almost real time.

So we made them a total CMS system with different input / admin area to access and manipulate online files from their own back-office. We also included traffic analysis system for the website so that they can easily monitor and manipulate data as per their requirement. The whole website is made in a 100% Search Engine friendly structure.

Interface was designed with ‘something-for-everyone’ and full call-to-action strategy. We kept the whole interface floating on the structure, so that they can easily change it according to requirement without deconstructing the whole website.

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