Modern Web Solutions

At EyedeaLab each and every page of the website is hand coded with attention to details to make it SEO friendly, cross-browser compatible, device responsive. Modern web design is not just throwing html, css and javascript together but to make the website in such a manner, that it adheres to given standards and still look beautiful in all popular browsers and all common devices.

Speaking of the modern web we cannot leave out WordPress, the most popular open-source content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. EyedeaLab supports and provide WordPress services like installation, website migration, custom theme creation etc.

If you are interested to create a website, for starting reference you can check our website planning checklist.

CrossBrowser Websites

Everyone has their own choices. Same is the case with browsers. Everyone has a favourite browser in which they are most comfortable with while surfing the internet. And the choices for browsers are many – Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Maxthon, Vivaldi, Avant, Midori etc.

Different browsers interpret HTML, CSS and JavaScript with some differences – sometimes enough to break a website. That means the Web pages should be build cross-browser  compatible so that they look consistent across a range of browsers.

Responsive Webdesign

All our latest webprojects support responsive web design from the very start. That means the website we will create for you will be mobile/tab compatible from the beginning and can be customised further for all common devices as per your requirement.

The purpose of responsive design is to have one site, but with different elements that respond differently when viewed on devices of different sizes.

Read more why your website should be responsive.

Custom WordPress Theme

We can help you create a Custom WordPress Theme just for the particular purpose of your website. WordPress can be used as a blogging platform or as a robust content management system. So creating a theme for a special need is sometimes necessary which is not always available in ready to download themes. A custom WordPress theme can be created to suit literally any design you want. If you want an original, unique design that stands out from the crowd, you should go for a custom WordPress theme.

We also provide other WordPress services like installation, migration and WordPress consultancy and training.

Pixel Perfect Designs

Vector Logos

Vector logos support flexibility and scalability. Logos should always be created in vector format so that it can be used in web, brochures and billboard alike. We can create vector logos from scratch or can help you convert your existing raster logo to vector format.

After we create your logo in a vector program, you will be provided with the scalable .eps, .svg files along with .jpg and .png versions.

Infographic and Data Visualisation/Design

Infographic — We can create awesome infographic with your provided content.
Infographic is a visual representation of some facts or information with illustrations and text. To attract and inform large audiences, infographics can play a huge part. A beautifully designed infographic can tell a complex story in an easy to understand manner with less formal attitude.

Data Visualisation — Representing data as visual information — graphs, plots, and charts is known as Data Visualisation. Our brains are wired to quickly analyze and understand visualizations much quicker than reading and interpreting text, so understanding a visualised data is much easier rather than going through blocks of textual data for your users. We can help you transform and create interesting graphical data from your spreadsheets. We can evaluate and suggest you the appropriate visualization necessary for your particular data.

Stationery and Branding

Things like your logo, business cards, letterheads, social media graphics are the design assets for your branding. We can create all these brand identity materials based on your business type, your target audience and how you want your customers to perceive your brand. By choosing the right typography, color and graphical shapes we can help you communicate the value of your brand. A timeless logo, a well-designed business card or a creative social media graphic can boost your business by miles.

Digital Publicity

Interactive Presentations

Design plays a huge role in the effectiveness of a presentation, and should not be overlooked. We can create visually stunning interactive presentations, that communicate your ideas effectively to your prospects. We can help you present your products and services in a whole new light.

Contact EyedeaLab to create your upcoming corporate presentation or multimedia presentation. Engage your audience further.

Promotional / Explainer Videos

Increase conversions with explainer videos. For explaining your business to your prospective clients in a simple, engaging way with attractive visuals we will suggest you to create an explainer video. These are small animated videos that explains any idea in a simple entertaining manner along with useful visuals.

Videos appeal to several senses, so with explainer videos you can easily pass your marketing message more effectively. Your target audience will perceive and remember moving images and audio more that complete written content.

Social Media Materials

Boost your social media marketing campaigns with EyedeaLab. Be it your profile image or cover photo of your facebook business page we can provide a professional touch to it.

We can also create engaging imagery for your social media sharing. It’s much faster and easier to explain and understand abstract concepts using images. Send us your concepts along with content and we will create excellent visual shareables based on those.

Right from logo designing to website development, eyedealab offers the best services with the help of latest technology. We try to provide small business owners one stop design solutions with affordable and visually appealing creations.

To see samples of our work, please visit our portfolio