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Have you ever tried Similar Image Search? No! I’m not talking about google-similar-image-search. I’m actually talking about something that can help me search similar images (visually) from a reference image. Like I was in real dilemma when I completed our logo and searched several days on google if there anything similar to it, as I wanted our logo to be unique.

To make it more clear let me give you an example, lets say we are searching images of ‘an Eagle’, similar to ‘this’ given image (image courtesy – Rolf Hicker) on the right. Now what we want is some similar images of eagle, flying in that certain angle but not lots of images of Eagles or other birds, what you will do?

OK! Let me tell you what I did, I searched google and found two websites claiming that they can help me find similar images and here they are.

1st I tried with and they call it ‘Reverse Image Search’. After searching 1.6471 billion images in 1.495 seconds(as it claims) it gave me 3 photos and which are really similar to the reference image . But it can not search if your reference image is too small.

Now I’ve tried the same image with and wow it was quick. It has given me 1000 of results, but there were other birds and airplanes too and all of them were not in a same angle. But all the images were similar in some way, I mean to say the layout of the images were almost similar and it gave me more than 3 similar images to my given reference image. [SERVICE DISCONTINUED]

Both the site has reference image upload and URL link option to search. Gazopa has some extra options like Draw & Keyword. But the draw option was not so happening for me. So it’s better to put a image link or upload a photo to find similar images of that. It may help you find your theft images too! So Happy Searching and do not forget to give us your suggestions if you have more relevant options or results.

Last modified on September 15th, 2015 at 11:17 pm.
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