Website vs Social Media – A Small Business Dilemma

Website vs Social media, a modern investment dilemma for all small business owners, i.e choosing the right option for business publicity with budget constraint. So you have a small business too? Great! Then obviously you want more customers. For more customers you need promotion. And that brings us to the next step of investing on a website and social media.

Now if you have a tight budget, and right now you can afford only one thing 🙁 then you must be also deciding between investing in website or social media. So before you take your choice, and if you have some moments to loose, just go through the next few lines to identify what exactly your website and social media can do for you, and how to plan before taking the plunge.



We all know what an website is but in context of our discussion, actually your website is the place which should replicate the face of your business, because believe it or not it is the nonchalant virtual window of your store or business. Having a website and not having one may not make a lot of difference in the first place but if you want to experiment with social media, then your website is ultimately the final destination of all and it should be there at its best form when your probable customer needs to have a look at you (means your business).

Your website is absolutely a miniature profile of your entire business, and so it should be portrayed accordingly.


Social media on the other hand are the innumerable options of highways, roads and paths that leads to your online profile i.e your business website. Over the time, you have to share, lure and bring your future customers through these roads and hook them up to your services and products, which you display or describe on your website. As “all roads lead to Rome” so all your social media efforts should lead to your online profile and finally reach you as you want.

website vs social media



You are still in the dilemma of deciding which one to choose – website vs social media! Actually rather than giving you a proper answer I have confused you a lot, and you are feeling more bad about your budget now. Actually if you want a successful online presence, you need both – a website and a great social presence. But the budget… yes here is what you have to plan accordingly, how you want it all to go, hand in hand, to achieve the much needed result but within a small wallet.


  • Buy a domain name and small webspace from a reputed hosting provider, don’t go for cheap ones. (Spend now, you will reap the benefits later)
  • If you have little money left, go to a proper web design studio and tell them your plan and start building a small business website. You can give us a try too 😉
  • If you are scared about spending more, install “WordPress” CMS (Free) and select a (Free) theme that best suits your business. Add (Free) plugins to get added features.
  • At least join Twitter and Facebook (it’s free), for your social media presence. Create a Facebook page/profile depending how you want to promote yourself or your business.
  • If you have more pictures to show/promote, Pinterest will be a good choice.
  • Link your website with your social pages
  • Add social sharing buttons on your website
  • Share regular updates on your website about your business


In this big debate of “website vs social media” actually you can’t leave any one alone, and specifically not having a website and only going for social media marketing will be a big mistake in the long run. So before it gets out of control, just bring out your paper and pencil to plan ahead before you actually start your publicity program and your website should always be in the center of it.

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