Solved a Dropbox install error in UBUNTU Jaunty easily

To my utter dismay after twice restarting the PC and nautilus too, I could not use dropbox. The link was sitting perfectly in Applications> Internet> Dropbox but right after clicking it the tray icon flashed in the system tray/notification area for a few seconds and then vanished.

dropbox logo

All these happened just after I installed Dropbox in my UBUNTU Pc with the downloadable linux .deb file.

Did –

sudo killall nautilus

as only

$ killall nautilus

mentioned there didn’t work ….

I was really frustrated after clicking it a couple of times and got a bizarre instruction here. So after reading the post I too did the same and Yahoooooo… (Nope, I did find the post with Google 🙂 ) It did work!

In Short What I did:

  1. Right clicked on the networking icon in the top notification area and disabled networking.
  2. Clicked this link in my PC again – Applications> Internet> Dropbox
  3. The setup dialog did show up!
  4. Right clicked on the networking icon in the top notification area and enabled networking.
  5. The setup took 4-5 secs to detect the Internet connection.
  6. Now I continued with the connection configuration as instructed.
  7. Got my dropbox in UBUNTU pc!
  8. The total process took just 5 mins.


Hope this funny hack helps someone too.

Last modified on September 15th, 2015 at 7:31 pm.
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