There’s nothing better than hearing the stories of our clients’ successes, whether it’s a compliment on their website’s look or kind words for a newly created graphics or logo. Check out what they are saying…

  • toyin-ayeni
    Name: Toyin Ayeni
    Designation: Founder/CEO
    Company/Organisation: Afro Projects HQ

    Very project savvy with clear task lists. Very organized with quick turnaround time. They are very professional. I had no problems at all. As a start up business owner, I needed a company that would provide quality service at an affordable rate and the reference came from someone whose recommendation I could trust. Eyedealab is very professional and went above and beyond my expectations. Great service, quality work and very affordable. I would recommend Eyedealab any day and will be back working with them. I am yet to share my video with a lot of people because my website is yet to be launched but everyone that has seen the animation video privately is very impressed.

    On a professional level, I had worked with employees offshore so I had no negative preconceived notions. On a personal level, I had no hesitations and my only concern was how I would make the payment. Using a secure site like paypal made it easier. I would say go for it… you’re in good hands but be prepared to do your part. I can probably give advice on what to prepare so you can make the timeline. I might have a few clients lined up for them in the near future.

  • lisa-anconaroach-bw
    Name: Lisa Ancona-Roach
    Designation: Web Director
    Company/Organisation: Trinity Lutheran Church

    I came to know EyedeaLab through a project I was given that was already using them. As the new director of the project (themodernchristianschool.com), I found Rana and EL to be most helpful, enabling a smooth transition. EL is responsive and efficient in the work I have needed them to perform since then. Even with the time difference, I always feel as though I can expect action in a timely manner. I would recommend EL to anyone looking for web design and maintenance for a fair price.

  • kristi-erickson-bw
    Name: Kristi Erickson
    Designation: Marketing Director
    Company/Organisation: Northside Catholic Academy

    While researching several companies to build a new website (northsidecatholic.org) for my school, I was referred to EYEDEA LAB by a friend. At first I was a little skeptical because their pricing was so reasonable, but I took the advice of my friend and hired them. I have worked with a few other website building companies over the years, so I know what to expect. I was very happy with the services EYEDEA LAB provided. They exceeded all of my expectations. They listened to my needs, gave great advice, and designed a website to fit our needs within a very fast timeframe.

    They have excellent customer service (you just have to go into it knowing that there will be a response delay due to the time difference). They were very responsive to my changes and edits, and very helpful with training. Since this project I have suggested them to several others, and I highly recommend them.

  • chandan-banerjee
    Name: Chandan Banerjee
    Designation: Manager - EDP
    Company/Organisation: Simplex Projects Ltd

    I take this opportunity to thank Eyedea Lab for the years of dedicated service they have provided us. Eyedea Lab’s services were always excellent and right on time. I can confidently recommend Eyedea Lab as a solid and reliable service provider, and experts in their field.

    They have provided our business with excellent support in the areas of graphics designing and website engineering, specifically website optimization, online corporate branding, search engine analysis and regular website maintenance. Their work has been a major factor in our website’s success, AVERAGE GROWTH 399% over a span of 4 years (2007-2010).

  • monta-fleming-bw
    Name: Monta Fleming
    Designation: Founder, President
    Company/Organisation: GoNannies, Inc.

    Eyedea Lab was Amazing!!! The work they submitted was some of the best design work I’ve seen. Very professional, completely in line with the style I specified, very clean, TOP NOTCH! I’m already planning my next projects for them and am thrilled I have them as a resource. Using them means that I ultimately spend less time on the whole project because they interpret my needs perfectly so there are as few revisions as possible. I’m looking forward to working with them again and I do not hesitate to give them my highest recommendation!

  • rob-whiteley
    Name: Rob Whitley
    Designation: Owner
    Company/Organisation: Marker Board Concepts

    I launched a design contest and within 4 days had over 300 submissions. I was incredibly pleased with many of the designs, all very professional, and it was an extremely tough decision. But as soon as I saw this one, I knew it was it!

  • No Pic
    Name: Patrick Silvestri
    Designation: Owner
    Company/Organisation: RockStar Machine, LLC

    Eyedea Lab is an excellent web design firm. This is the second project I’ve done with them and I couldn’t be happier with their work. My site looks amazing and works great. They were able to exceed my expectations, delivering design work that totally blew me away. A friend of mine who does web design checked their coding and described it as “flawless,” which shows in how well the site runs. I highly recommend Eyedea Lab and will absolutely be hiring them for future projects.

  • Biswajit-Mukherjee
    Name: Biswajit Mukherjee
    Designation: Hon. Secre. IAPST, Reader
    Company/Organisation: Jadavpur University

    It is my pleasure to recommend the Eyedea Lab, a web designer, to those who look for a good web design (iapstconference.com) with low cost. The company is very young with energetic people and dedicated people to satisfy any needs of web designing.

  • sarit-dey
    Name: Sarit Dey
    Designation: Student placement coordinator
    Company/Organisation: IIMC PGPEX 2007

    We were very satisfied with the brochure eyedeaLAB delivered for the 1st PGPEX batch at IIMC. They spent time at our hostel late into the night to finalize the content. They were excellent in providing innovative and creative designs to our brochure. Our entire class photos were done by a very professional photographer. To top it all they were very polite and delivered exactly on time inspite of hurdles.

  • tanmoy-bhowmick
    Name: Tanmoy Bhowmik
    Designation: Owner
    Company/Organisation: Pelican Projects Pvt.Ltd

    We are highly satisfied with the quality of service offered by EYEDEA LAB. The response time against any problems or complaints is almost immediate which has helped us quite a lot.

  • ajoy-sensarma
    Name: Ajoy Sen Sarma
    Designation: Founder, Director
    Company/Organisation: Indusree Pvt Ltd

    Eyedea Lab is our Web Designer and maintaining consistency in the design as a result we are satisfied with their work. We are happy to continue with Eyedea Lab. The company also created greetings card for circulation.

  • jack-foley
    Name: Jack Foley
    Designation: Principal
    Company/Organisation: Ovus Ater

    At first, I was skeptical that I could work remotely with a company in India to design and build a website (ovusater.com) for our company. Eyedea Lab made a believer out of me. In fact, I am working with them on two additional projects and recommending them to my small business colleagues. They have the best team of designers at the best price and they deliver on time and on schedule. Give them a try. You will be happy that you did.