Priceless Indian Rupee Symbol

Priceless History: July 15 th 2010, a new history was made in India, by an young Indian. We have got our own symbol for Rs./INR/Rupee. Its a very happy and proud moment for every Indian, now on we will have a brand for our growing economy. Thanks a lot D Udaya Kumar for his simple but unique gift for us Indian.

Design of the symbol: Now coming to the design of the symbol. In short it’s a good & intelligent one. But somehow it lacks the wholesomeness of $, ¥, €, £, may be it is only my point of view. A proper Currency Symbol always sit proportionately in a Circle. So I think in near future the strokes will come in the middle of the half circle of “र” and even further we may forget/leave the upper stroke (‘Devnagari’) too, for hand writing help.

If you have missed the meaning of the rupee symbol until now, check out below for the formation steps.

It is an amalgamation (see the graphic below) of…
Roman Capital ‘R’ + Devanagari “र” + Tricolour Stack of Indian flag = Indian Rupee symbol.svg


But why only 3000 Entries? Have you ever thought where 40 lakh Indians participate in a recipe contest, 12000 people participate in RJ Hunt from Delhi only,  5000 people participate in singing competition from a single audition center, then how come 3000 entries only came for The Nations Rupee Symbol Contest held by Govt itself with quite big Indian Rupee symbol.svg2,50,000 award amount? According  to me either it is the entry fee of Indian Rupee symbol.svg500, which is a bit high for the average Indian or the inefficient publicity never reaches to the common Indian.

Anyways… I’m happy that we have our own symbol now, that’s it. Who cares we earned it or not….

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