Time to build Mobile friendly website for the search engines

Every year starts and there are these top 10 lists, with what’s in and what’s out. In similar pattern there are lists related to website design trends, populating from previous year’s experiences, experiments, technology enhancements and sometimes based on some renowned web developers’ visions. This year, keeping aside these different design trends, what became the main topic for discussion over Internet was Google’s search update which questioned the existence of many popular websites with poor user experience in mobiles.

Google demands Mobile friendly websites

A recent update in April 2015 by Google termed #mobilegeddon, changes how the search engine ranks a website in it’s search results. You can read more about this update in Google’s official blog. According to this new search algorithm, all mobile friendly websites will rank higher in Google. This update enhances the search experience for mobile (smartphone) users with relevant mobile friendly content. If you have a website and are not sure, about it’s mobile friendliness, you can use this tool from Google to check if your site is mobile friendly. About mobile friendly, Google states “mobile-friendly—one that loads and displays correctly on a mobile device so visitors can have the best user experience.”

Our Experiences

As per our website’s analytic report (below), 83% visitor to our site comes from Google search and 15% of this is from a smartphone.

mobile friendly website search

These visitors from a mobile is equally important to us, as someone coming from a desktop. Who knows, someone from these mobile visitors may be the next potential client or customer. So there’s no moment to loose, every small business owner with a website must act first and make sure that his/her website is mobile friendly. It can be a specific mobile application, a separate mobile website or a responsive website to fit all devices and this choice completely depends on your type of business and requirement.

Bing soon to follow Google, on mobile friendly website for it’s search

Now after Google, Bing has stated it will boost mobile-friendly websites in search results. Bing considers, small buttons and links, text that can’t be read, the need to scroll horizontally etc as not mobile friendly. Bing’s search engine update will come sometime soon, so it is plain clear that all popular search engines will follow Google’s trend and prefer mobile friendly websites for their mobile visitors now on.

Summing up

In the end, what we get is, it’s time to build a mobile friendly website. You can make one yourself, you can use a popular CMS which supports this with plugins etc, you can approach a web developer /web design studio (us too), to help you create/update your website to adapt with mobile searches. Let’s mobilize.

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