Enjoy True 3D Print, without any eyewear

Discovered a cool technology on the web today, so I thought why not share it with you. So presenting, holographic 3D digital prints from Zebra Imaging. As per description on their website it can be printed in Full colour or Monochrome with 360-degree viewing range. They also featured that, it will need no special viewing equipment, a simple halogen or LED light source can make it viewable without any special glasses.

It also said Zebra Imaging supports many 3D data types  like ‘.obj’ made with AVEVA Review, 3ds Max, Maya, SketchUp,  and ‘.dwg’ exports from Revit and AutoCAD. ZScape™ can be printed in any sizes from 12” x 18” to 2’ x 3’.

ZScape™ can be good tool for describing 3D data of regional terrain to architectural designs in true 3d manner. To know more about Zebra Imaging visit the website zebraimaging.com.

Last modified on September 16th, 2015 at 2:16 am.
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