Unable to connect MSN through pidgin in Ubuntu

From few days, I cannot connect to my Msn account. I use Pidgin Universal Chat client to connect to my multiple network Instant Messenger (IM) accounts i.e for my home and work like Msn, Yahoo, Google etc. in one single interface. I searched the net to find a solution to this problem to connect to MSN in Ubuntu with this Pidgin Messenger and unable to retrieve MSN address book.
Got the solution here:

Got to Terminal & Type

sudo apt-get install msn-pecan

Restart Pidgin
Edit account and change protocol in drop-down list from MSN to WLM (added new) protocol “Log in

It had worked Ok for others with the default settings. But I still got this error

Error on notification server: Unknown

Again I searched the internet to find a simple fix! Just selected the  “Use http Method” and it worked like a charm. I hope this helps you too!

This is also a problem with Adium as they use the libpurple library of Pidgin. More details can be found here.

Last modified on January 17th, 2011 at 7:56 pm.
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