A Valentine Ecard/Wallpaper for beginners

As Valentines day is knocking on the door with lots of love and passion, yesterday my brother-in-law called me & asked me to help him make a valentine Ecard for his girlfriend. He knows photoshop 7 a bit but, instructing the whole process over the phone is madness. So I made this tutorial in photoshop 7 for him and thought why not share it with you as well. Here we start, if anyone didn’t understand some part, feel free to shoot me a mail.

Lets start with a new window with default 5X7 inch (postcard) size with white background. Keep it in Res:300 so that you can print it if you want.

Now we will give it a gradient background, for that choose #2C1557 for Foreground Color

and #410630 for Background Color

Now select Radial Gradient and click + drag it from upper left corner to lower right corner. Color effect may look like the upper image.

Select Shape Tool from Tool Menu & find the ‘Heart’ shape from archive.

Note: If Heart Shape is missing in your Shape Archive, You can load it by clicking small arrow in upper right of Archive window, a drop down menu will appear, now Select Load Shapes & another window will appear called ‘custom shapes’. Select “All” and then click “Load”.

Draw a heart shape in Transparent New Window (200 X 200 pxl)

save it as BRUSH by clicking ‘Edit’ menu > Define Brush. Name it HEART-BRUSH.

Now find it in Brush menu, by default it will appear at last.

oops! as always, I forgot to save the file and ready to loose all we done yet. Save the file and give it a name as you want, I will call it Valentine Card. Now press SAVE.

Now will customise our selected ‘HEART-BRUSH’ a little. To do so click on ‘Brush’ tab on right upper corner or select it from window > Brushes. A pop up will appear. There select ‘other dynamics’ & give inputs as I did on upper image.

Next select ‘shape dynamics’ & again give inputs as I did on upper image.

now ‘scattering’ …

you can experiment & check your brush output & size by painting with a bright shade on canvas. To get same result in this project I will suggest do as I do, I fixed the brush size in 30.

next step in a fresh layer draw a ‘Heart’ shape again but selecting ‘path’ mood. Draw it in the size of 2/3 of the page.

go to path tab or window > path, select the layer & right click…

…a small drop menu will open. Select ‘Stroke Path’ …

now select ‘brush’ from the drop menu & click ‘OK’.

You will see a heart line will be made with small hearts… Name the layer ‘Hearts’

double click on the layer or click on the small ‘f’ button on layer panel to give the above effects.

it may look like the above image…

Now select a new layer up on ‘Hearts’ & also select a ‘soft pixel brush’ of 300 size.

pick color with the value of #F6F598…

…and draw heart upon it with the brush. Remember it should be on another layer.

now click on the ‘Blending Mood’ drop down menu on layer panel or right click on the layer to find it there. Select ‘Overlay ‘

is it looking like this…………………………………………………………………………… ^

To give it a splendid effect put some colors (nearer to the background gradient shades) like this in different layer.

again give ‘overlay’ effect to all the color layers & also a ‘pattern overlay’ effect from ‘Layer Style’ (if you forgot, you will find it by double clicking the layer)

To give it a starry look put some more hearts here and there with ‘Heart-Brush’. Give them the same effect as ‘Hearts’ layer. To do so right click on the ‘Hearts’ layer, select ‘Copy Layer Style’ & then right click on new hearts layer to ‘Paste Layer Effect’.

Choose your own style of font (preferably cute or romantic) and write what you want to write. White should be the shade of font to give it a bright look. You can give it the same ‘layer style effect’ you gave in the hearts.

And your Valentines e-Card is ready. If you want to print it save-as in .tiff 300 res, if you want to e-mail it as e-card, save-as it as .jpeg/jpg 72 res. For more Valentine Ecards visit ecards.eyedealab.com . Have a Happy Valentines day.

Download as Wallpapers

1024×768 | 1152×864 | 1280×800 | 1280×1024

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