VirtualBox – Space Problem?

I was stuck some days back with space problem in my Virtual hard disc, which runs with VirtualBox. It was deactivating & locking the screen within a minute I started it.

It was a quite panic situation. My operating system at that time was Ubuntu Karmic.

So I started searching the internet for solutions. The common suggestion I found was to De-frag the volume & run sdelete. You can find the full instruction here Visit Site

Many users said that it solved their problem, but it didn’t work in my part as VirtualBox was not letting me to open my VM so that  I can shrink my VDI image.

So I opted for suggestion No. 2  Visit Site

Now I downloaded nullfile.exe & did as said by the site (Suggetion No. 2) EXCEPT defraging as I was unable to do so. The whole process took near about 18 hours & the result was WOW! it compressed it 16GB to 4GB, just 1/4th. It solved my problem for the time being but I’m not sure that  is it the right process or not. Comments are welcome.

Last modified on June 2nd, 2010 at 9:16 pm.
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