Website planning checklist before approaching the web designer

Before approaching a webdesigner you need to organize a brief website planning checklist for this website you want to create. As you read further we will discuss these points in detail in this post.

We would like to share these points based on the regular queries we receive from our prospective clients and our experiences of over a decade.

Lets plan 💡 a successful website.

Website Planning Checklist: What to plan before approaching a web designer?

Your website is the bridge between you and your audience, so it is important to make a solid start before your website becomes something that you didn’t expect. It may be that you already have a website and you want to redesign only, still you should go through these following points of website planning checklist to re-purpose your existing website.

✅ Research your competitor websites

Research about your competitor’s website. Note all the things that you like in their website and those you don’t. Examine the color scheme, layout of the website and type of images used. Gather all these information and forward to the web designer.

✅ Purpose of your website

  • What is the purpose of your website?
  • Do you sell products?
  • Will it serve as a knowledge resource?
  • Or you just want to share the story of your brand?
  • Specifically you need to ask the question – What is your target audience? Because this will identify a layout on how the website must be focused.

Send all these details, to the webdesigner, including website links that you like and don’t like too. Based on these information any good webdesigner will be able to create a site that will stand out in the competition and still look apt for your business type.

✅ Content for your website

Now comes the most important part of the website. This is the content. What is website content? Website content is all ‘the stuff in your Web site.’ Broadly noted web content is text, images, audio, video and animations. So when you are planning to start designing your website, make sure you have “text” content ready for the about page, services page or blog posts. In the “images” content category goes your website logo, high res images for your portfolio, blog and team member pictures. “Videos” may include an introduction video for your homepage or other videos for blog/social media sharing.

Keep your content ready before you discuss with the website designer as this will help make design choices faster, because the designer will be able to plan a website layout that best fits your content and not the other way round.

✅ Plan your budget and stay prepared

If you are eager to know how much does a website cost, it has no single fixed price. It depends on all features to be included on a particular site i.e the project’s scope and services required by you. Latest webdesign technology demands both time and money. The more time the designer has to spent on the site the more costlier it will be. Many aspects in webdesign requires time, like basic search engine optimisation, device friendliness (designing the website for mobile, tab, desktop etc), browser friendliness (sites to be perfectly view-able in all browsers alike – Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Explorer etc).

Above all the website must be user friendly, i.e your web visitor should give the least effort to gather information from your website and just hit the ‘call to action’ button as and when necessary.

To include all these there will be a significant charge. Most of the time websites always cost a little more than expected. But websites are long term investment, because it’s your business’s most important online presence. It is always better to custom create your website with a professional web designer, although if you are on a tight budget then you can go for ready-to-use (buy and download) web template and choose to design the website yourself.

✅ Domain and hosting

If you are buying the domain yourself, buy from a reputed domain register and also include a hosting package along with that. If you are not sure how much space you need etc. talk to the chat support staff of the hosting provider. Generally the lowest basic hosting package works fine for common business websites. If you are afraid of taking a decision in the technical part of the domain hosting, get suggestions from your webdesigner and plan with them before making a choice.

Website planning checklist


Organize your content and follow along the website planning checklist. Share all your ideas with your web developer, you will sure get a positive result. All good webdesigners are there ready to help you. You can also contact us for any queries.

After the website is being launched, there are still jobs to be done, otherwise the website will become stale. Regularly update and add content to the website based on your business niche.

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